The Zilkha Black™ Pellet: Transformative Technology.

The Zilkha Black™ Pellet is a revolutionary advancement in the pellet industry: our additive-free pellet is water-resistant, durable, and an ideal replacement for coal. All pellets—composed of compressed wood pre-dried to reduce moisture content—increase energy density, create a uniform fuel, and decrease transportation costs when compared to unprocessed green wood taken directly from forests. Wood in forests generally contains 50% moisture content. So for every pound of wood you transport, you are also transporting a pound of water. The Zilkha Black™ Pellet improves pellet technology. Our sturdy Black pellet is abrasion resistant, increasing safety and reducing product loss during storage and transport. Because it is water-resistant, it can be transported and stored outside like coal. And it has a higher energy density than conventional white pellets.The first large shipment of Zilkha Black™ Pellets had enough energy to provide electric power to over 34,000 European households for a year.

The Zilkha Black™ Pellet eliminates the need for covered storage units at shipping ports and power stations.

Business can proceed as usual come rain or shine, and safety is improved across the board.

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