Zilkha Black® Pellets and Water

Unlike traditional pellets, the Zilkha Black® Pellet retains its structure when in contact with water. Because it is water resistant, it can be transported and stored outside like coal. Detailed storage guidelines are developed to address short-term and long-term pellet storage requirements.

If you were to place common white pellets in a glass of water, they would quickly dissolve into soaked sawdust. In fact, this is one test to determine the quality of a traditional wood pellet—the ease with which a pellet will disintegrate in water, quick dissolution being the hallmark of an additive-free pellet. But Zilkha has revolutionized the science of pellets with its Zilkha Black® Pellets patented process. Our pellet will not dissolve in water—because it is superior in all ways to white pellets. By changing the pellet industry, we’ve also changed the industry’s standards; we’ve raised them. The new quality test for a new pellet: Is it water resistant?